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This podcast is designed, created and shared with a professional audience; employed, self-employed, or making a career change.  

  • 33% of the professional workforce are Highly Functioning, Secretly in Despair. 

  • 50% of overachievers are outrunning their past

  • 80% of self employed would assert they had a more challenging go at life than their peer group. 72% would acknowledge having at least one mental health disorder. 

As it goes, I was all three of those stats in one.  Now, a few years into my Post Traumatic Growth phase, I am keen to share what I am learning with my peer group, preferably with subject matter experts to discuss therapies, insights, case studies and similar for an audience who are for the most part, Highly Functioning, Secretly in Despair. 

More information on being a guest on this show can be found here >

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Email Shannon at shannoneastman dot com

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